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tl Machine Learning Researcher (Reinforcement Learning / Optimisation) tr
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Location: England
Position: IT
Salary: £40,000 – £60,000
Date Posted: 15 April 2018
Vacancy Type: Permanent
Job Description:
We are looking for a Machine Learning Researcher to join a fast-growing tech startup based in London. On joining, you can expect significant equity options, extremely flexible working policies and the opportunity to shape the future of our business.

Creating sensors with on-board video analytics capabilities, the organisation gather real-time information to quantify the movement of pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists. From making traffic lights more intelligent to identifying dangerous manoeuvres, understanding pedestrian flows to communicating with autonomous vehicles, they are at the cutting edge of transport innovation. Currently rolling out thousands of sensors across the UK, we are now seeking machine learning researchers to join our capable team.

Joining as the fourth member of our research team, you will be working to explore and develop solutions to optimise road networks, particularly focused on traffic signals. Using Vivacity’s world-leading dataset on road operations in Milton Keynes, and working closely with top innovators in simulation and signalling hardware, you will be expected to push beyond the current bleeding edge of academic research, and put large-scale AI systems into action. You will be expected to use the latest in reinforcement learning to maximise efficiency on data at huge scale. A keen interest in state-of-the-art research and a desire to expand the art of the possible is required to thrive in this role.

The role will include: 
• Working closely with other research team members to test and experiment with a variety of potential AI optimisation model types and architectures 
• Building benchmarks and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different alternatives 
• Using extensive city-wide simulations to train models 
• Managing huge, real-time datasets to feed into the models 
• Engagement with clients and partners where appropriate to develop better approaches

To qualify… You should have: 
• Self-starting problem-solving ability; 
• A PhD or equivalent experience in a relevant field 
• Proven capability to deliver in open-ended research tasks 
• The ability to thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment; 
• The ambition and enthusiasm to drive the company forward. 

Experience in any of the following areas would be advantageous, but is not necessary – we also welcome applications from people without any of the below experience: 
• Reinforcement learning as applied to optimisation problems 
• Team software development experience under Agile structures 
• Understanding of the challenges of optimisation within traffic signal control

Vivacity welcomes applications from all candidates, and embraces diversity within our teams. If you are in any doubt as to whether you would be a good fit, please get in touch, or apply anyway and let our teams decide. We look forward to hearing from you!

Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
£40,000 – £60,000 p.a.
0.0% – 0.3%
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